Our Story

We are Dawn's Home Essentials, an eco-friendly motivated company founded in Santa Barbara, CA.  Our aim is to offer affordable and reusable kitchen products that can help reduce the amount of plastic waste in every home.  Having our business on the California coastline has made us more aware of the problems that occur with single use plastics.  It has encouraged us to start working towards a zero-waste lifestyle for the betterment of all.   

One of the main problems with plastic is the lack of knowledge and the lasting effects it has on the environment. The average American family uses almost 1,500 plastic shopping bags a year and that bag is used for about 12 minutes.  That same shopping bag will take 500+ years to decompose in a landfill!  We truly believe that if more people were aware of how detremental plastic is to our planet then they would also want to join our mission of making the world a healther place to live if not for us then for our future generations.  

If you’re looking for an alternative small and environmentally conscious brand to shop with then you’re in the right place! Our stores range from bamboo cutlery to non-stick baking mats and our team is committed to offering you ecological products that you know you can trust.