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Straws are some of the biggest culprits of unnecessary plastic pollution. Being one of the most commonly used plastic items it creates a huge problem when they are improperly disposed.  Once in our oceans, most plastic straws break into microplastics, releasing chemicals that are harmful to animals, people & the environment.

Luckily, bamboo is one the best solutions to the mess of problems created by plastic.  It is also less likely to harbor bacteria over time, making it safer to use for both you and your family.  Make the switch and help reduce the amount harmful plastic in our environment!




1. Organic, durable, & biodegradable
2. Reusable, healthy, & environmentally friendly
3. Easy to clean & maintain, just use soap & water with the included cleaning brush
4. Contribute to the plastic-free future of our planet

* Please wash before use



Material: Bamboo
Quantity: 12 pieces, 1 cleaning brush
  Straw Length: 7.6 in. (19.3 cm.)
    Inner Diameter: 4 - 5 mm.
    Outer Diameter: 8 - 9 mm.

  Cleaning Brush Length: 7.8 in. (19.8 cm.)



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